The Philosophy 

In a world where fashion seems more disposable than ever, we aim to design timeless wardrobe pieces that a mother can pass on to her daughter, beautiful clothes that can remain in a woman’s closet for years to come.  


"My philosophy has always been to respect women and their natural beauty." - Lia Cohen 

The Brand

Lia Cohen is an emerging designer brand that celebrates femininity, and that seeks to empower women through fashion.

We design for the independent and modern woman who wishes to express her femininity through the things she chooses to wear in her everyday life.

The key behind every collection is the careful and thoughtful use of fine materials, and a combination of graceful and comfortable pieces that bring security and beauty to the woman that wears them.

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The Designer

Lia Cohen is a Guatemalan designer who learned about the fashion industry by studying in Europe and working in cities like New York, Milan, and Paris. Her aspirations are greater than what she can even imagine, but for Lia, challenges and adversities only make her stronger. They are precisely what motivate her to accomplish her greatest dream, which is to leave a legacy and transcend her art through time. 

"Authenticity is the most admired quality in a woman. It's what makes us unique, confident, and determined." - Lia Cohen

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Lia Cohen stands for femininity. We want women to feel like they can be as feminine as they want to be, anytime, anywhere, no restrictions. No pressure to be something else other than amazing women. For these women, we design.