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The Multifaceted Woman

Maria Andrea Segovia in the Royal Dress.


If you had to start over, would you choose a different path in your career? I would take an intense course in business administration. I think it is basic for every person to know how to run a business.


What in your personal life has influenced you to choose your career? I am proud to be a Guatemalan woman who has been privileged of being raised in a lovely and caring family, in a country where the majority of people lack basic needs. I am also a passionate designer.

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What do you work towards on your free time? I try to read books that help me get to know me better. Also, I love to read true stories from people who inspire me that have changed the world with their actions.


What do you wish to accomplish with what you do? Inspire people to do what they like the most. It's never too late but you have to be courageous and ambitious.

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Photography: Carmen Maldonado Style Direction: Maria Cristina Acquaroni @mcastyling H/M: Fernanda Gomar @fg.makeupstudio Venue: Area Studios @areastudios