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The Concept Creator

Marcela Jongezoon in the Fascination Skirt.


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? Went in to the movie theatre to watch the comedy "I feel pretty" with my eight month old. Everytime everyone laughed she cracked up so it was even funnier. 


Who is the most creative person that you have ever known? Chef Lee, my kitchen mentor. He could take any ingredient and transform it into the most incredible dish you've ever tasted.

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Tell us about a project or accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant to your career? La Esquina. Guatemalan Food hall that brings the soul of markets in a trendy, flavorful, fun way.


If you could choose a theme song for your life, what would it be? Happy by Pharrell Williams.

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Photography: Carmen Maldonado Style Direction: Maria Cristina Acquaroni @mcastyling H/M: Fernanda Gomar @fg.makeupstudio Venue: Area Studios @areastudios