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A Woman in a Man's World

Mercedes Molina in the Purity Knitted Top, Valiance Dress, and Virtue Coat.


What do you want to be remembered for? For having made a positive change in Guatemala, preferably through fashion.


What is your superpower? Sarcasm and quick wit? (hahaha) Nah, I would say naïveté is my superpower because I almost never contemplate the possibility of failure.

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Project that you consider to be the most significant in your career? Being one of the founders of Circuito Moda Guatemala (CMGT).  Even if it was a short‑lived attempt to set the foundations for a Fashion Industry in Guatemala, it gave me the opportunity to start working in what I love. 


"People are shocked when they learn I actually went to law school and used to work at a law firm before
working in fashion."

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Photography: Carmen Maldonado Style Direction: Maria Cristina Acquaroni @mcastyling H/M: Fernanda Gomar @fg.makeupstudio Venue: Area Studios @areastudios